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Valentine’s Weekend Menu

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Valentine Dinner items served Friday & Saturday, 6-10pm.
Valentine Brunch items served Saturday & Sunday, 9am - 2pm.

Special Brunch Items

9am - 2pm

Hotel Waldorf Eggs Benedict
poached eggs & hollandaise Sauce 
w/ ham on buttered toast & pommes de terre dauphin

Hobart Ranch Sourdough Waffles
With thick sliced bacon & maple syrup

Hudson Clearwater Breakfast Salad
red quinoa salad with poached egg, chard, baby kale, toasted almonds, pear confit & balsamic dressing

Triflin’ Fool A La Drew Allen
greek yogurt with sour cream
layered stewed sour cherry & apricot compote


6 - 10pm

San Antonio Goes To Washington
jumbo shrimp in a clearly hot broth

clear chicken broth with garlic, chopped kale & spinach
(Poached egg if desired)

Special Entrée Salads

6 - 10pm

Hudson Clearwater Supper Salad
red quinoa with chard, baby kale, toasted almonds,
Pear Confit & Balsamic Dressing

Broke Down Palace
escarole & White Bean Salad
with leeks, fennel, gruyere, & croutons
mustard vinaigrette dressing

Special Entrées

6 - 10pm

Poulet Fendu Farci au Four
roast chicken with herbs & ricotta dressing

Lamb Shanks
braised with garlic & white wine

Oaxacan Stew
Chicken, pork, tomatillos, garlic, olives,
Capers & Serrano chiles en escabeche

Pasta Putanesca
house-made fettucine, tomatoes, olives, capers, garlic

Side Orders

6 - 10pm

Pommes de Terre Dauphin
juliénne yukon gold potatoes fried in butter

Butternut squash
en casserole with garlic, herbs & extra virgin olive oil

Zydeco Beansgreen beans sautéed with onions, garlic & tomatoes

Baby Kale
stir fried with garlic, ginger & sesame seeds



6 - 10pm

Tiramisu a la Torres
lady fingers, mascarpone, coffee & cocoa

Cherry Tart Minervoise
With brown sugar & bourbon whipped cream

(An offer you can’t refuse)
with Nutella, mascarpone & ricotta

Sexy Moose
Chocolate mousse with mocha whipped cream